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title pic Dads and Post-partum Depression

Posted by Deborah Pujoue on May 16, 2012

Post-partum depression is most often seen as something that only mothers go through. But that is simply not the case. Even dads can develop the condition. While as much as 15 percent of new mothers develop post-partum depression, 10 percent of men go through it, as well. Symptoms for post-partum in men are very much […]

Natural Support For Post-partum Depression

Posted by The Vigilant Mom on May 11, 2012

Most moms know that pregnancy and parenthood changes your whole life. The change can be enormous. While almost everyone feels disoriented or anxious or exhausted (or all three!) after giving birth, some new moms experience symptoms that can be a little more extreme. They suffer from an almost constant feeling or despair and low self-esteem, […]

title pic Is Antidepressant Use Safe While Breastfeeding?

Posted by Dana Hinders on March 29, 2012

Everyday, mothers must make hundreds of decisions relating to the health and safety of their children. One of the most challenging decisions for many new mothers is whether or not to breastfeed their babies. A recent study conducted by the Connecticut Pregnancy Exposure Information Service (CPEIS) indicates that women who take antidepressants during pregnancy are […]

title pic Is Caffeine So Bad?

Posted by Claudia Grazioso on February 13, 2012

When I found out I was pregnant, I was very worried about how I would function throughout the day without coffee. After all, I was a three-cup-a-day and — “what, you’re making a Starbucks run? Sure, I’d love a latte!” — kind of girl. It turns out that my morning sickness helped me go cold […]

Yoga as an Alternative Treatment for Depression

Posted by The Vigilant Mom on January 11, 2012

Antidepressants can be helpful for people suffering from severe depression, but a growing number of people believe these medications are over prescribed. The use of antidepressants among women is of particular concern, since many of the most popular medications have been linked to serious fetal birth defects. For example, Zoloft birth defects include anencephaly, craniosynostosis, […]

title pic MAOIs

Posted by Claudia Grazioso on December 21, 2011

When we talk about depression and anxiety, we talk a lot about Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) and Serotonin Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors (SNRIs). But what about Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors? It seems the only time I hear about MAOIs is when they are part of a warning on the side of another medication. Apparently, there are […]

title pic Antidepressants for Pain

Posted by Deborah Pujoue on November 28, 2011

With all of the dangers linked to popular SNRI antidepressants like Effexor and Prozac going around, it seems ridonkulous that anyone would even consider taking one for just a small ill, but that is getting more popular every day. Doctors are prescribing the dangerous medications for pain as well as depression and other mental health […]

title pic Exercise for Mind and Body

Posted by Claudia Grazioso on November 23, 2011

I am not exactly an exercise queen. I’m not particularly coordinated; I don’t have anything that is even remotely close to a matching workout outfit or even, for that matter, a fashionably mismatched outfit. I am a sweatpants and old t-shirt kind of girl. To top is all off, I don’t look good when I […]

title pic Study: Kids May Make You Fat

Posted by Deborah Pujoue on November 10, 2011

As if we moms didn’t have enough to worry about after having kids, it turns out that living with my kids may actually make me fat. According to a new study, adults who live with children eat more fatty foods than adults who don’t. Apparently we grown-ups with kids eat far more saturated fat each […]

title pic Yet Another Argument for Longer Maternity Leaves

Posted by Hilary Parker on August 8, 2011

Battling depression on top of baby blues on top of new parenthood stress is no fun. I know — I’ve done it. And scientists are struggling to identify the underlying factors and causes linked to depression in new moms in hopes of stemming the tide. One such study finds that too little maternity leave is […]