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title pic Study: Kids May Make You Fat

Posted by Deborah Pujoue on November 10, 2011

Study: Kids May Make You Fat

As if we moms didn’t have enough to worry about after having kids, it turns out that living with my kids may actually make me fat. According to a new study, adults who live with children eat more fatty foods than adults who don’t.

Apparently we grown-ups with kids eat far more saturated fat each week — about as much as you would find in an individual-size pizza. I don’t know about some parents, but I can eat that much fat in a day, not a week. Half of the time I am so busy that if I don’t snack on whatever I can get my hands on I will just starve until dinner. That usually means grabbing a snack pack or nipping on some Doritos sporadically through the day.

This study notes that adults are more likely to have snack packs and other fatty foods stored in their cupboards when they have children living in the house, which is why we eat it. (That’s especially funny since my two-year-old hates snack packs but, for some reason, I keep buying them.) One of the study’s authors, Dr. Helena Laroche, who works in internal medicine and pediatrics at the University of Iowa College of Medicine, says, “These dietary choices may be due to time pressures, advertising aimed at children that also includes adults, or adults’ perception that children will eat only hot dogs or macaroni and cheese. Once these foods are in the house, even if bought for the children, adults appear more likely to eat them.”

OK, so some of that hits home; however, I don’t think an entire study was necessary to prove that I’m a horrible snacker. However, if the results of this study have you alarmed, there is an easy solution to this problem. Simply buy nutritious foods and snacks instead of the fat-filled ones we usually buy and this entire scenario can be avoided. In my case, I know that my two-year-old loves, and I mean loves, fruits of all kinds, carrots and peas (I know, what kid actually likes peas?). This study has me wondering if the snacks I buy my daughter are really for me, since most of the time I am the one eating it while she snacks on mini carrots and blueberries.

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