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title pic Yankees Catcher Jorge Posada Scores for Craniosynostosis

Posted by Hilary Parker on May 25, 2011

Yankees Catcher Jorge Posada Scores for Craniosynostosis

As a life-long Boston Red Sox fan, it’s hard to say anything nice about the Yankees. And as our mothers taught us (and we now catch ourselves telling our kids even though we swore we wouldn’t), “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” Well, I finally found something nice to say, and it’s about the team’s all-star catcher, Jorge Posada.

Posada and his lovely attorney wife, Laura, welcomed baby Jorge Luis Posada Jr., in November of 1999. But just ten days later, they got the shock of their lives when little Jorge was diagnosed with craniosynostosis, a life-threatening condition in which the skull bones’ sutures fuse together prematurely. This causes a child’s head to be misshapen; more importantly, it means there’s not enough room in the skull for his or her brain to grow. Multiple surgeries are required to take pressure off the brain and restore a natural shape to the child’s head.

Eight major surgeries later, Jorge Junior is a smart, energetic, normal kid, his parents say. But they feel lucky to have had the resources necessary to support all of the medical attention he needed, and they know that many aren’t as fortunate.

That’s why they started the Jorge Posada Foundation. According to its website, the foundation’s purpose is to provide emotional support to families whose children are affected by craniosynostosis and create awareness about the condition through event hosting and by funding other educational outreach efforts.

The couple even wrote a book about their experience, which was released late last year: “The Beauty of Love: A Memoir of Miracles, Hope and Healing.” According to the book, this condition — which affects 1 in roughly 2,000 children — left Jorge and Laura feeling as though they were in the middle of “a category 5 hurricane of questions, shock and guilt.”

As Laura told USA Today, “I want people to realize that no matter what situation you’re in, no matter what adversity or illness, the last thing that you lose is your hope. If we survived this and my son survived this, then I feel like you can survive anything.”

Good to know one Yankee worth a damn.

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